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Fundraising Ideas

In case you were looking for fundraising ideas to pay for tuition, here are some suggestions...

· Use savings for educational experiences

· Get a low interest loan at a financial institution

· Apply for grants and government funding (may have deadlines)

· Have a Talent Show, Fashion Show, Dance-A-Thon, Bake Sale, Garage Sale, Yard Sale and Car Wash.

· Design a t-shirt to wear at special events and during The HST featuring sponsor logos, as a thank you for their support. Offer to do something in exchange for being sponsored. Volunteering is a great option. If you are up for this, be sure to add this to your letter when you are customizing it

· Have an auction and/or raffle with items donated from sponsors

· Create a Facebook page to generate support and awareness

· Service clubs may have foundations and national organizations which may sponsor you. Check your local newspaper to see what clubs are active in your area or do an online search. Here are a few to give you some: Lions Club International (the world's largest service organization), Rotary, Shriners, Legion, Kiwanis and Toastmasters, to just name a few.

Make a list of everyone you can contact: family, friends, neighbors, dance studio, school (phys ed., theatre, dance & arts departments), employers, family employers, church, community groups and organizations, and anyone else you can think of.

One of the most powerful methods of fundraising is online crowd funding through websites like Go Fund Me, Kickstarter etc. They can help you fundraise cash donations instantly. Here are a few fundraising success stories:

KEEGAN from Massachusetts - Raised $8,180

ELIZABETH from the UK - Raised £7,000 JANNA from The Netherlands - Raised £1,733

JADA from Minnesota - Raised $1,856

Ask for the gift of dance in advance for birthdays and special occasions.

Set deadlines with those you contact to let you know if they can help.

Be Persistent and follow up, this will show your passion and seriousness

With a little creativity, you could fundraise a good portion or even all of the tuition.

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