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This page is exclusive to registered participants. Bookmark this page and check it periodically for updates. 


This message does NOT apply to dancers in the PARTIAL PROGRAM


You will need to prepare 2 (30 second) solos in the styles of your choice. NO TAP OR SINGING since we are not recording sound.

CLICK HERE to see past videos. We will be using the same small stage with colorful lights.


The stage is VERY small, so adjust choreography accordingly. The dimensions are 16 ft. deep, 23 ft. wide

​WARDROBE Look your best!

You may bring a change of style-related clothing for each number, as well as some extra clothing. You will shoot in 2 outfits. We love commercial / fashionable outfits, rather than competition costumes.



Dancers can wear any CLEAN footwear. Barefeet OK. NO TAP SHOES.


Come with your hair styled as you like. Our hair stylist will touch up and enhance your looks.


Your headshot photoshoot is right before the demo reel shoot, so our make up artist will enhance your look as desired.


• All music should be cued and cut at 30 seconds.

• All music files should be correctly labeled with the first and last name of the talent plus number 1 or

2 (i.e. yourname-1)

• Format file: AIF files (preferred), M4A or MP3 at highest quality.

CLICK HERE to UPLOAD both music files


Routines should be choreographed prior and ready. We will have some time to rehearse your solos earlier in the week so you are ready to go on the shoot day.


It is highly recommended that you prepare each number fully, sorry NO freestyling. You will only get 1-2 takes of each solo and given time to change before you perform your 2nd solo. This will ensure you will use your allocated time at its best since we have very limited time.

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