Our internship program is an excellent opportunity to gain professional work experience in the dance industry. You will learn every aspect of our business, both in front and behind the scenes.


The hours are long (10-15 hours/day), the work is intense (not always glamorous), but you will have a blast and walk away with so much knowledge about the dance industry and make lifelong connections with other industry professionals (ie. choreographers, producers, agents etc).etc).



• Strong Dance Abilities

You will assist dance classes and rehearsals, so we prefer well-trained and versatile dancers who pick up choreography quickly.


• Professional

Maintain professional presentation at all times (attire & behavior), respect business-client relationships


• Great Interpersonal Skills

Well-spoken, kind-hearted, good spirited that communicates well and gets along with others.


• Punctual

We run a tight schedule. “If you are on time, you are late. If you are early, you are on time”


• Reliable

If you make the commitment, we are counting on you. “Your word is your honor”


• Trustworthy

You will be privileged to confidential information. You are expected not to discuss or share with outside sources.


• Flexible

We are not talking about leg or back flexibility (although that is still impressive). Not everything will go as planned, so we appreciate assistants who can adapt to new situations and circumstances.


• Handle Fast Paced Work environment

You must be able to work well under pressure and maintain a pleasant attitude.


• Be willing and able to multitask

There will be a lot happening at once, so you must be able to handle multiple tasks at once.


• Focused

We expect you to be focused on the task at hand and not get easily distracted (ie. Chatting with clients or constantly on your phone).


• Show great attention to detail

Follow direction, take notes and follow through.


• Self Starter

Be able to think ahead and take the initiative to help even without always having to wait for direction. If you are not doing something, ask what you can do to help.


• Basic computer skills (i.e. Email, Social Media, Microsoft Word, Excel)


• Must be at least 18 years of age to apply.



• Invaluable work experience in the dance industry


• Resume building


• Making new connections / friendships


• Per Diem for food ($30/day) OR shared hotel accommodation


• Ground Transportation with group to/from hotel & all outings


• Professional Reference (ie. Recommendation letter for universities, reference letter for US work visa, referral to dance agency etc.)






Setting up / carrying equipment

Assisting dance classes

Assisting dance rehearsals

On set production work


Chaperoning minor dancers



Administrative / Computer tasks

Running errands



You are responsible for your travel expenses (ie. Airfare & hotel)


We can provide a discounted group rate at host hotel and pair you up with roommates (to reduce cost)

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