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The Hilton Glendale

All dancers & registered participants are eligible for a group rate in the stylish, HILTON GLENDALE HOTEL which is nestled in an upscale business district of Glendale with full resort amenities (pool, gym, bar, restaurant, business centre etc)

Rooming Arrangements

Each family can book their own hotel rooms. If dancers are traveling alone and need a roommate, we can help pair dancers up. Up to 4 people can fit in a room

Rollaway beds can be requested for King rooms, however cannot be guaranteed (based on availability).

Discounted group rates start at $189+ per night

We have a limited room block so please book your rooms ASAP. 

Reasons to Stay the Host Hotel

Maximize Your Time and Comfort

Our days are packed, running over 12 hours with back-to-back activities. Opting to stay off-site could mean an extra 1-2 hours of commuting daily, cutting into your precious resting or networking time. The convenience of having a personal retreat just moments away cannot be overstated.

Navigate LA’s Unpredictable Traffic with Ease

Los Angeles’s traffic is famously unpredictable. Staying elsewhere risks the stress of navigating morning commutes and potentially missing our shuttle bus. This isn’t just inconvenient; it could mean missing out on key activities and the added hassle and expense of catching up.

Foster Unforgettable Bonds

The Hollywood Summer Tour is as much about building relationships as it is about dancing. Moments of connection often happen outside the scheduled activities - whether it’s a spontaneous hot tub gathering or a late-night chat. Staying at the host hotel ensures you’re in the heart of these shared experiences.

Economize on Hidden Costs

While the initial thought might be that staying off-site is more budget-friendly, the added expenses of commuting, hotel parking, and potential car rentals add up or uber rides. We find that the host hotel offers both financial and logistical advantages.

Enhance Your Convenience and Preparedness

During the tour, we have sessions at the hotel where dancers have breaks to get changed. Without a room, managing your belongings becomes a challenge, and forgetting an essential item could impact your experience. The convenience of returning to your room to grab whatever you need cannot be understated.

Create Lasting Memories at the Heart of the Event

By staying at the host hotel, you place yourself at the epicenter of the Hollywood Summer Tour experience. It’s where memories are made, where every moment is an opportunity to be part of our vibrant community, without the added stress of day-to-day logistics.

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