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We are proud of our reputation. Hear what our clients have to say about The HST...

The HST was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Not only did my daughter learn a lot about the industry she now has an extended family. We loved everything about the tour and plan to return again. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get into the industry and HST is the best program to teach you how to get started. We will never forget this experience and look forward to returning.

~Jennifer Michelle (mother)

You might think this program sounds to good to be true, but it's 100% legitimate.
The private classes we were provided were taught by some incredible up and coming choreographers in the states. Of course we also had some fun as well, brilliant beach trips and days out. I cannot thank HST enough for the opportunity. I enjoyed every minute and will treasure my time spent forever.


~Natasha Leaver

I personally have been on this tour twice now and both times have provided me with not only life changing experiences but the chance to meet people who have changed my life. All of the knowledge that Menina and Sheldon pass onto us throughout the trip is priceless. It has truly changed my life as a dance and a dance instructor and I would have it no other way.

~Samantha Rennie

The training I received  from top choreographers, working dancers, and industry professionals was second to none, a training you couldn't possibly find anywhere else. Not only that, but the knowledge and experience I gained about the industry enlightened me and I have been able to apply it back home in London and I already feel one step ahead. But most importantly, I had the most fun and made friends for life.

~Josh Baker

Folks, you want an experience of a life time for your pre-professional dancer, this program met and exceeded all our expectations! The quality and credentials of the choreographers was fantastic! This truly was a true introduction to a career in professional dancing in Hollywood! Don't waste another minute, you won't regret this investment to take your dancer to the next level in their career.

~Ron Gish
(father of Natalie Gish)

The Hollywood Summer Tour was not only the greatest dance experience I have ever had but also a completely unique way of giving dancers a taste of what the real dance industry is like. From private classes with top choreographers to dancing in a music video, to sitting front row at So You Think You Can Dance and unbelievable seminars, HST was hands down the best two weeks of my life. 

~Kelly McCann

Victoria and I had the time of our lives and it was such a joy to see her grow even more as a dancer and watch her experience so many amazing things for the first time . Also, the communication and organization was beyond excellent from the time we signed up, and all the way throughout the tour. The fact that our dancers actually danced in a music video of an up and coming artist at Universal Studios after hours, places this dance intensive program above all others!

~Linda Poirier (mother)

The HST has been one opportunity after another for Elizabeth. I have trouble even remembering every amazing moment as there have simply been so many. The access to top choreographers and dancers has been incredible and Elizabeth has been able to put herself out of her dance comfort zone often by taking classes in genres that are unfamiliar to her, allowing her to expand and grow.

~Krista Dadford (mother)

Keegan and I can not stop thinking of the family we have gained in such a short period of time!!! I highly recommend this opportunity to any person who receives a scholarship !!! I highly recommend anyone who is THINKING about commercial dance to apply to HST!!! So much information from a truly passionate Family !!! Thank you HST!!!!
Menina and Sheldon thank you for sharing your passion and your family!!!

~Shelley Scesny (mother)

My daughter received a scholarship to HST last yr. and I am SO glad we went this summer! Menina is a beautiful soul! It is VERY obvious how much she cares about the dancers and their futures! This experience was such an eye opener for us! Their intensive covers way more than just dancing! You will leave HST not only a better dancer, but you will be better prepared for the professional dance world! Great experience!

~Susan Rognoni (mother)

This experience for my Granddaughter Abby was beyond anything you can imagine. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to share this time with her. The friendships made will last a lifetime and the program has inspired Abby even more.


Nancy Jones (grandmother)

Going from studio to studio, on set for photoshoots and music videos, chilling at the beach, and getting to go to huge events. Doing all that was a true blessing but learning about the business aspect of things and networking with a lot of different people was a great part of HST as well. This prepared me for actually moving to LA and gave me a huge push in starting my dance career.

~Rachel Waldner

How could I ever put into words how incredible this opportunity was for Craig? And for me! Everything was above and beyond what we could have asked for. Every question that I had about the industry was answered  It was such an amazing and life changing week and I can only hope that we get the chance to work with you guys again in the future! We miss you guys!!!!


Lee Anne Rowe Moruzzi (mother)

So grateful we were a part of this amazing opportunity. It was by far one of the best dance experiences my girls have ever had. We learned and experienced so many things that will be invaluable to them in their pursuit of a professional dance career. The friendships they made along the way were an added bonus. A big "Thank You" to Menina and her entire staff. We loved it.

~Stasha Bulleri (mother)

Well nearly a year since my daughter Charlie was scouted to attend The HST at Move It in London. What an amazing year it's been. Charlie learnt so much from Menina and her team and it has most definitely been the most amazing experience of her life to date. I hope one day she gets to return and that I can attend with her. Would recommend that anyone who gets the chance to attend grabs it with both hands.


- Natalie Lough (mother)

I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done to make this trip unforgettable.  I have grown as a dancer and I have learned so much about the professional dance world. The HST is definitely a program that deserves the highest qualities of appreciation and awe. And for giving me this experience, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


~Alex Levinar   

I have to say I could not be more thankful. I learned more than I could ever imagine and met the most beautiful people and dancers. This trip was unforgettable and I can't wait for the next. Thank you Menina D'Amours Fortunato for everything. For your incredible program and the opportunity to learn, grow, and create such incredible relationships with others. You rock Superwoman.


~Lauren Denysek

I'm so thankful that Addie was given the incredible opportunity to attend the Hollywood Summer Tour 2016! She was able to experience so many new things, meet new friends, make new contacts, and she was given tools and knowledge to help her pursue her dreams. It's an action packed week! Menina and her team are wonderful! Thank you for an amazing experience! "Where do you want to be? HST!


Delora Jenrich (mother)

The best dance experience ever for my daughter Nailah.


Nothing in the world compares to the look on your kids face when they get to work with great choreographers that they admire.



~Darlene Ranson Salley (mother) 

just wanted to thank you for an absolutely amazing week. What you do for these kids is just beyond words and an experience of a lifetime for all of us! The week was one that none of us will ever forget and will certainly help further my daughters dance career.


If you are thinking about this program, definitely do it! You won't be sorry!


~Jennifer Henderson Fox (mother)

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