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This page is exclusive to registered participants. Bookmark this page and check it periodically for updates. 

Itinerary on Google Calendar

The rough draft of the itinerary is ready for viewing. We will be updating it over the coming weeks. You should have received an email invitation to access our google calendar. If you do not see the schedule in your google calendar, please follow these instructions

Step 1 - Please download the GOOGLE CALENDAR app on your mobile device.

CLICK HERE to download the app on an iPhone

CLICK HERE to download the app on any android device

Once the app is on your mobile device. Step 2 - ADD our Google Calendar to your phone/app. CLICK HERE for instructions for Android CLICK HERE for instructions for iPhone

Step 3 - Log into Google calendar with your email (that we have on file) If you are unable to complete the steps above, you can also view the calendar by CLICKING HERE


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