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The Hollywood summer tour was truly an experience of a lifetime. Not only has it furthered my dance education and career, it has also opened the door for other great opportunities to come! Thank you so much menina for being an amazing role model and showing me that dreams really do come true! Hope to see ya next year!! Xoxo -Mackenzie "Where you wanna be!? HST!!!!

It was more than we had imagined and we fell in love with L.A.  Our eyes were definitely opened and opportunities feel more within our grasp. Meeting dancers from all over, people with the same passion for dance was awesome, and we have both made some wonderful friends.

Thank you again.  



You have once again made the HST Kidz a positively wonderful experience for Victoria, Maddi, Emily as well as Sheila...  All the lasting memories and friendships they all make are truly amazing!  I knew that Victoria would be well cared for once again!! You and Sheila are absolutely amazing, caring, wonderful women!!! Thank-you very much!!! :))))


Daina Oliver (mother)

I just can't live without this. HST is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can not believe what this one week has brought me. I am so honored to have been apart of this experience. Tears, Passion, Strength, Courage and determination!!! God Bless those around me. Love you Menina! Thank you!!!

I do not think it is possible to put into words how this program has affected my life. i got the opportunity to live my dream with the best of the best. it was such a great feeling to experience this with people that all share a common passion. I cant thank you enough for everything you did for me. 

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