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Enola Music Video Wardrobe

Every dancer will be placed in sections of the video. Please go inside your closet and bring what you have that matches the description below. If you don’t have these items or are already in LA, we suggest ordering clothes online and having them shipped directly to you at the hotel


MONOCHROME OUTFIT Pick one solid color for the entire outfit - white, pink, blue, green, yellow, orange etc Pants, shorts, overalls, suits, jackets, dresses. Shoes: black or white street shoes Here is a video for inspiration:

OUTFIT #2 - Select Dancers ALL WHITE ELEGANT (loose or stretchy pants, dress shirt, tops, half tops)

White or nude danceable shoes Select dancers will be used for this section but please bring this outfit just in case you are used

OUTFIT #3 - 16 & Over Only ALL BLACK (Sexy / Edgy) Flat Black Boots Watch the last scene from Enola's music video

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